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Welcome to Border-Rover

Border-Rover Studios is a team of dedicated developers and artists who are destined to create the best experience for gamers. Crossing multiple platforms and across the globe, it is TIME! for the final round...


Our Strategic Partner:

Toolbox Studio is a team of game developers that focuses on making Roblox games. We are under going a massive collaboration, it'll help a lot if you check their group out.

​Border-Rover Studio



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Immersive Rendering

We use Blender an open-source free engine to do our projects, easy to learn and powerful all in one, the best 3D tool for Indie developers.

Efficent Game Engine

We use both Unity and Roblox as our main game engine for development. Both fast and high quality, Unity and Roblox can achieve some fantastic graphics and gameplay.

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We started making games in 2020, Game development is art, modern art, and with the rise of AI there will be more jobs available in the computer science industry and with it a lot more opportunities.

About the Founder


Boom_Fish_Blocky, also known

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Low Poly Mountains


​Step by step, From scratch to Python then to C++ now, Godot has been released. Time passed like a flash, this is our fourth projects now, yet each one. we're Looking forward to collaborating and finding new Partners. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg of a rising Studio. We're working with a 3D modeler known online for the name Fxrcifier, From now on, The Border-Rover Studio's history will flip to a new page!

Gray Structure


Minecraft diamond fire mini-game,

play in, coming soon, planned to release Sep 2023.

Robot Wars


Our main project: A 3D FPS shooter game based on titan falls but Low-Poly. No planned release date yet.

Image by Trent Pickering

Find the Heads

A find the game on Roblox, based on "Find the Troll Faces".

Meet the Team.

Meet the team who made this studio a reality, the B.R.S Minecraft Department:

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