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This is a Fast-paced PVP Game, Join in for some intense fun and hang out with players around the world. In a chaotic arena of shattered realities. 

kid friendly

No adult content in the game. All ages welcome.

Multi Player

Join in with your friends and unleash the Chaotic fun!

Action Based

Loads of action in the game, fast paced pvp with knock back sticks. Try to have the highest streaks.

24/7 Server

We run using diamond fire, a minecraft mini game hosting server, Void-Brawl rus 24/7, hop on and play.

How to play?

Join Game:

In order to play, you join Diamond Fire using Minecraft Java 1.20.1, and type "/join " in the chat bar, or hold the emerald in your hot bar and type "Void-Brawl", then you are in! Good to go!


In order to vote, make sure you are in the plot, then do "/vote" in the chat bar.

About the Game

All you have to know about the VB Game!

It is a fast-paced, PVP game, mainly focused on action, and is best to be played with headphones.

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